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Copper plating is used for both decorative and industrial applications. Bright decorative coatings are used in their own right for aesthetic purposes or as undercoats in plating systems such as decorative nickel and chromium plating.

Industrial applications include the use of copper as an intermediate coating such as underneath tin coatings on brass, as a stop off for selective case hardening and as an anti-galling coating.

We specialise in the deposition of copper for anti-galling on premium connections for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). We copper coat premium threads on couplings and ancillaries to major thread manufacturers specifications including JFE Steel, Hunting, Tenaris and Vallourec.

When specifying Copper plating on drawings or orders it is recommended that wherever possible that national, international or defence standards are used to provide the processing instructions to us. Typically the following information should be provided;

  • Specification reference
  • Base material composition and condition
  • Significant surfaces and areas where measurements of coating thickness are to be made.
  • Any areas that must not be used as contact points for jigging/wiring
  • Any special inspection requirements
  • Any special packing requirements

There are no common UK standards used for specifying electroplated copper coatings, more often or not it is specified as an undercoat as part of coating system. We usually process to customer-specific standards particularly for the oil and gas industry.

A number of international standards are available including ASTM–B734 and AMS 2418.

Exclusive Processes

Piotec™ Plating
An electroplated copper/tin alloy applied as an anti-galling coating on stainless steel.
Piotec is a registered trade mark of Hunting Oilfield Services (UK) Limited and MP Eastern Limited

Developed with Hunting Energy as part of the Clear-Run system.
Clear-Plate and Clear-Run are registered trademarks of Hunting Oilfield Services (UK) Limited

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