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Nickel plating is used extensively for decorative and engineering purposes. For decorative applications it deposited in the bright, semi bright and satin condition. For engineering purposes it is generally deposited in the matt condition.

We have the facility to bright nickel plate and with suitable pre-treatment can coat, steel & its alloys including stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminium and its alloys.

Like all electrolytic processes, nickel coatings vary in thickness both over the part (within piece variation) and between parts (piece to piece variation).

When specifying nickel plating on drawings or orders it is recommended that wherever possible national, international or defence standards are used to provide the processing instructions to us. Typically the following information should also be provided;

  • Specification reference
  • Base material composition and condition
  • Significant surfaces and areas where measurements of coating thickness are to be made.
  • Any areas that must not be used as contact points for jigging/wiring
  • Any special inspection requirements
  • Any special packing requirements

We nickel plate to the standards shown below. We also hold a large library of customer-specific, superseded and legacy specifications so contact us if you need any help.

Typical standards for specifying nickel plating (not for engineering purposes – e.g. heavy nickel).

Electroless (Autocatalytic) Nickel plating

  • BS EN ISO 4527 (Def Stan 03-5)

Electrolytic Nickel Plating

  • BS EN ISO 1456 (BS 12540, BS 1224)

For more information download our Nickel Plating info sheet or contact us for a quote.